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April, 2007
RepInfo Patch v2.1.2 - fixed several errors with cnc3 and other small modifications and improvments

March, 2007
RepInfo v2.1 - full version released

February, 2007
RepInfo v2.1 beta2 - good news (read more)

January, 2007
I've created a statistics page, so anyone can know how many users does RepInfo have

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RepInfo v2.1 (march, 2007)

Added: Random To Army (R2A©)convertor for sage engine games. Say "NO" to random factions and colors.
Added: BFME2: Rise Of the Witch King (RotWK), Company of Heroes (CoH), Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth (BFME1), Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (DoW), Supreme Commander (SupCom), Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars (CnC3) replays can be successfully parsed by RepInfo.
Added: Program is hided to the tray after 5 mins of inactivity (for memory saving purposes). You can disable it in the program Options.
Added: Ability to participate in Weekly polls and read Latest news from RI window.
Added: Game length field.
Added: For some games, whois is quering official ladders and shows player stats
Added: Plug-in - RIToolTip.dll. It allows user to get replay information through balloon tips in Explorer. When mouse is hovering replay file, hint window appears with information like: map name, all players and their factions, game type (ZH, CCG etc), game mode (1v1, 2v2v2 etc.)
Fixed: Fixed several errors with "Clan Tag Detector ©" and Search function. Improved: Search results are displayed as Cards (with detail information about certain replay).
Removed: Ability to download map previews for all games. All maps are included in a full version of RepInfo.

RepInfo v2.0 (autumn, september 2006)

Added: Updater (view screenshot). Checks for updates, downloads and installs them.
Added:New ability - "Optimize Database". Reduces UID databases size by removing players with equal nicks and static UIDs (kills 1/3 part of the database).
Added: Added Help file with description for all features.
Added: Added "Share databases" button.
Added: New aliases after updating your database are highlighted with another color.
Added: Added Check for updates and news at the program startup.
Fixed: Fixed lag while selecting big group of replays
Fixed: Fixed "Update Database from web" after rebuilding mh list page on
Added: Rise Of Legends (RoL) - is now supported (separate databases, shortcuts, explorer shell menu, file assosiation for *.rec files etc).
Added: Added two plugins: GameCam Video Autosaver and Quick Hotkeys.
Improved: Now search function is working with Unicode strings.

RepInfo v1.9 (23.06.2006)

Added: Cheaters Database Updater (view screenshot). Downloads pages where maphackers are listed and convert it to the common RepInfo database format.
Fixed: Fixed bug with sounds after activating R.A.S.E; some conflicts with German Windows XP.
Improved: Reduced EXE file size.
Added: Command line parameters for debugging.
Added: SideBar (view screenshot).

RepInfo v1.8 (31.04.2006)

Improved: Databases loads faster. First program startup - optimization step (It will take about 1-2 minutes to load all databases). An Average databases load time during normal startup is about 5-15 seconds.
Added: “Download map preview” button (view screenshot). Status bar displays the current action and the additional information (file name, downloading progress, etc.)
Added: Double click on the player line – locate him in database.

RepInfo v1.7 (31.03.2006)

Added: Find method (by game type: 1v1, 2v3, etc…)
Added: Fast application startup (in Options => File Association) when launching Game
Added: Database window button (Whois, dynamic UID list)
Added: MDI window for WHOIS
Added: Replay folders shortcuts panel
Added: Ability to load databases after the program has launched (in command line add "/fast" after program path+name [w/o quotes])

RepInfo v1.6 (09.03.2006)

Added: Self learn ability for Map Hackers Database
Added: Hint over a semaphore (red or yellow).
Fixed: Fixed replays description at "Patch" panel. Now it can display information from replay in correct language.
Fixed: Fixed problems with Date and time from CCG and sometimes with ZH replays.
Added: "Save By Request" feature (in R.A.S.E. window)
Added: Skip saving replay if it size doesn't exceeds Min allowed file size
Improved: Separate databases (UID, MH, SPEC) for each game
Improved: Supported Games: ZH, CCG, BFME2
Added: Explorer context menu items for CCG
Added: "Find" results window gives the user ability to delete, copy and move replays thought context menu or using Drag n Drop.
Added: "Find" supports 3 games now
Added: 2 ways to update database (from files (XML, TXT) and from custom folder). Note: TXT format updates only MH databases.
Added: Added option that allows user to add replay played date into it name (in R.A.S.E. window)

RepInfo v1.5 (20.02.2006)

Added: Command & Conquer(tm) Generals Replays SUPPORT
Fixed: Multilanguage problems with fonts fixed (some of them)
Added: "Update Database From A File" feature
Improved: Language file structure
Fixed: Fixed Error with incorrect Players list in hint
Added: Added some items to the Explorer Context Menu
Fixed: Fixed problem with grayed Enable/Disable RISE button
Added: Maps previews included in archive
Added: New database format (XML)
[+...] Automatic MH list updater

RepInfo v1.4 (01.01.2006)

Added: Multilanguage support
Added: Added "Enable R.A.S.E. and Launch ZH" ability in context menu for ".rep" files
Added: List of possible Players if their UID is static In the form of hint over the replay players list

RepInfo v1.3 (01.01.2006)

Added: Added Explorer Context Menu Items for ".rep" files (Auto rename, View in RepInfo)
Added: R.A.S.E. can now save files in specific folders
Added: Scan custom folder for replays and update UID database
Fixed: Fixed Search by UID bug
Added: Replay saving log.
Added: Sounds ALARM when Map Hacker found
Added: Tray icon menu

RepInfo v1.3 beta (18.12.2005)

Improved: Association of *.REP files with RepInfo is now working properly and fully configurable in Options dialog.
Improved: UID instead of IP
Added: Options Dialog
Fixed: Scroll in file list while viewing as Report

RepInfo v1.2 (14.12.2005)

Fixed: Bug fixed. While searching "Random Faction" it doesn't displays any results.
Fixed: Bug fixed. Replays info doesn't displays. U can fix it yourself. Open explorer, menu "TOOLS" -> "Folder Options" -> window appear. In that window: Tab "VIEW" and disable checkbox "Hide extensions for known file types". Or u can just download newer version. This bug also affect while after search you are using dbl click to locate that file in main window of RepInfo.
Added: Replay Auto Save Engine (R.A.S.E.) with Global Enable/Disable Hotkey and a lot of parameters.
Added: Association of *.REP files with RepInfo.
Added: Added sort (through right click menu) and mouse wheel scroll ability in file list box.
Added: Added search by rating.
Improved: RepInfo is now a little bit more resistant to Error Message "Access violation at...". Instead of that error, program Shows "Unknown" String in suspected part of information in the top table, Otherwise "Invalid replay file" message displayed.
Improved: Modified interface, caused by program expansion.
Added: Added "Search in subfolders"
Added: Added ability to change view style in search and file list windows

RepInfo v1.1 (08.12.2005)

Added: View information about SELECTED replay, such as:
- Player names
- Factions
- Colors
- Team
- IP
- Port
- Date & Time played
- Map preview
- Patch version
- Starting money
- Approximate game length
Added:From now, it's easy to locate player country or even city.
Added:Search mechanism allows finding any necessary replay by following parameters:
- Factions
- Players IP
- Players names
Added: Self-learning IP Database. It stores players names and IP's. If you met unknown player name, just look in database, maybe player is using already known IP. Ha-ha, it is hard to hide now! :-)
Added:Replay Rate System (R.R.S.) for your own needs

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