Program News

April, 2007
RepInfo Patch v2.1.2 - fixed several errors with cnc3 and other small modifications and improvments

March, 2007
RepInfo v2.1 - full version released

February, 2007
RepInfo v2.1 beta2 - good news (read more)

January, 2007
I've created a statistics page, so anyone can know how many users does RepInfo have

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Updater - a small program, which can check, download and install all program updates automaticaly. You can started it from the toolbar in a program window.

Extended abilities when searching by player name. For example, to succesfully locate a player with the name "Jff|Saurman", you can type: "*Saurman*", or "Jff|Sau*", etc. Strings are not case sensitive.

Download, decode and store cheaters list from ZH and CCG cheaters page.

New sidebar with the list of player name aliases from all databases

Additional options items

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