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April, 2007
RepInfo Patch v2.1.2 - fixed several errors with cnc3 and other small modifications and improvments

March, 2007
RepInfo v2.1 - full version released

February, 2007
RepInfo v2.1 beta2 - good news (read more)

January, 2007
I've created a statistics page, so anyone can know how many users does RepInfo have

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Such testers team my project never had. Currently there are about 40 pplz who are testing new version in each game. I want to remaind that in version 2.1 RepInfo will support nine(!) games: ZH, CCG, BFME2, BFME1, RotWK, CoH, Dow, RoL and SupCom.

The most impressive ability of the new version - R2A© (Random2Army) function which allows to convert Random faction into Army for SAGE games (C&C and BFME). Unfortunately R2A not always works for BFME2 game (EA did well protection, thats why disassebling of this game has failed), but nevertheless i've managed to separate replays that might not be correctly decoded by R2A. I am planning that this version will be released after 20 February, right after official release of the SupCom.

Thanks to all who reading this and interested in further events.

This site has been fully rebuilded. Now it is based on Smarty template engine. Also I have added user's statistics page.

I have decided to publish next version of RepInfo in December 2006. I have added some useful things and fixed important bugs. Currently some of my friends are testing this version. If they will not find any serious errors, I will open it for public downloads.

From this month we started development of the massive online database. Currently my new friend Joliet Jake is working around server part of the program. We have already disscused server-client exchange protocol and he gone into the coding process. As for me, i am working around compatability with Windows Vista.

We are looking for experienced persons who are good at PHP and MYSQL. If you wish to helps us, contact me via MSN.

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